ICL contract with Vinayak Rajat Bhat and Nithin Ramakrishnan for the Arthaśāstra

CBL 4 June, 2021


We are pleased to announce the signing of our first ICL contract with scholars Dr Vinayak Rajat Bhat and Nithin Ramakrishnan for the Arthaśāstra

About the authors:

Dr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat has been in the field of teaching and research since 2011. Presently he is working as an Associate Professor in Center for Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), Chanakya University, Bengaluru. He earned his Ph.D from the Rashtriya Samskrit Sansthan (Present CSU), Sringeri. He was trained under the guidance of the great scholars like Late Prof. R. Devanathan, Prof. B. Mahadevan, IIM Bangalore and Dr. Chandrashekhar Bhat, CSU. Also, he holds his masters in Vyakarana & Phalita Jyotisha.

His areas of interest in research are Vyakarana, Indian health system (Ayurveda), Arthashastra, Loukika nyayas and Itihasas. He can speak 6 languages & can read and write more than 3 scripts. He has assisted Vyoma Linguistic labs in their various projects.

He interviewed Prof. Gangadharan Nair and Dr. MS Valiathan at Atharva Forum, on a youtube channel. He presented a lecture as a part of Sanskrit month celebrations at women’s college Chennai over zoom on the topic Dinacharya in Ayurveda.

He has worked as a proof reader in the Research and Publication Department of R.S.Vidyapeetha,Tirupati. He is often appointed to be a part of investigating projects undertaken. Besides, he is a wonderful editor of many Sanskrit publications and also a translator for once. He has translated the book named “Learn Sanskrit Through Your Favourite Prayers”.

Moreover, he has a lot of experience in teaching Sanskrit as he has been involved in teaching at more than three institutes in India. He is a co-author of the book “Introduction to Indian Knowledge Systems : Concepts and Applications” published by PHI Learning Ltd.  He was appointed as Specialist Sanskrit Advisor for a project on Ayurvedic Man: Encounters with Indian medicine by Welcome collections, London.

He was a member of Board of studies, Academic council, Member of Planning and Monitoring Board, Research and Publication Committee and IQAC at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV), Ernakulam. He is currently a member of “National Curriculum Framework” for “Knowledge of India”.  He held the position of the Head of the department of School of Vedic Knowledge Systems at CVV for five years in a row.

Nithin Ramakrishnan, MA in International Law, is pursuing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree from the Department of Bharatiya Darshan, Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University.  His areas of research include early conceptions of state and international law in Sanskrit literature and Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems (Shastras). He has received international scholarships and honours from The Hague Academy of International Law (2015), the University of Geneva (2016), and Xiamen Academy of International Law (2018). 

For more, see: https://www.cvv.ac.in/faculty-details/nithin_ramakrishnan