ICL contract with Kushagra Aniket for Bhāmaha’s Kāvyālaṅkāra

CBL 1 September, 2021


We are pleased to announce the signing of our fourth ICL contract, with Kushagra Aniket for Bhāmaha’s Kāvyālaṅkāra. This new translation of the 7th century text will seek to introduce concepts from Sanskrit poetics to modern practitioners of poetry across different languages.

Kushagra Aniket is an economic and management consultant based in New York, U.S.A. Kushagra graduated summa cum laude (highest honours) from Cornell University as a Tata Scholar with degrees in economics, mathematics, and statistics. He completed an MBA in finance with Dean’s Honours from Columbia University in New York.

Kushagra has received multiple awards in both India and the U.S. for his writings in poetry as well as prose that span three languages: English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. He is known as an āśu kavi (extempore poet) and has presented his compositions at several universities and other institutions in India and abroad. Kushagra has composed three Sanskrit śatakas, each containing a hundred verses on topics such as bhakti (devotion), naiṣkāmya (detachment), and vinoda (humour). He is also a Sangeet Visharada in Hindustani classical vocal music.

Kushagra joins Indica as a scholar-in-residence in his efforts to showcase Sanskrit poetry as a living (amṛta), popular (laukika), and inclusive (vyāpaka) tradition on the international stage.