Open House Celebrating the Launch of Indica Classical Library

developer_cfsp 27 June, 2021


Indic Academy  is pleased to announce the launch of its latest thought centre: the Indica Classical Library (ICL).

ICL aspires to be a trusted platform for faithful, decolonized translations of classical texts indigenous to Bhārata. We plan to achieve this by engaging bi-lingual scholars who are indisputably rooted in our heritage to publish new facing-page and revising existing translations of Indic textual masterpieces across time.

On June 1st 2021, Megh Kalyanasundaram joined Indic Academy as Director Special Projects to lead ICL. ICL is honored by the presence of the following members in its newly constituted Advisory Board:  

  1. Gauri Mahulikar
  2. Sushumna Kannan
  3. Korada Subrahmanyam
  4. Madhusudan Penna
  5. Nagaraj Paturi
  6. Ramesh Rao

Two contracts have already been signed: first one pertaining to the Arthaśāstra and the second one pertaining to Yāska’s Nirukta.  Our earlier arrangement with KSRI is now transferred to ICL.

Do register for the open house celebrating the launch on Sunday 27th June at 10 AM.


Megh Kalyanasundaram
Director – Special Projects (Indica Classical Library)Megh Kalyanasundaram is an Indian citizen, an alumnus of ISB, with close to nine years of lived experience in China. His experience includes stints as a Market Leader at a Global Fortune 40 firm, as Head of Business Development at a leading Indian talent development multinational and a term on the Board of a Shanghai-based not-for-profit. His academic research interests and 20+ papers span aspects of ancient Indian chronology, Indian Knowledge Systems, Landscape in Indic texts, Ancient Indian Jurisprudence, Ideas of India and Philosophy. His recent compositional music album Bhārata and her Kāśmīra – 6 Sanskrit songs with lines from 6 Indic Sanskrit texts before 13th c. CE has been accepted for listing in GoI Ministry of Culture’s music app Sangam Music.